About Us

“Sport is the humanity itself. “It has been developing with the developing and growth of the mankind. Sports bring up the harmoniously developed generation - the generation of healthy people”. Sports are extremely important for healthy lives of all souls living in this fast, stressful and bottlenecked world. Games themselves make us more self-organized, better disciplined full of enthusiasm and willpower.

From a playing perspective, the Sports Floor Surface is probably the most important item of equipment in any sport facility. This is why a sports flooring that brings the best in our performance, makes the change more enjoy able.

India, a country with rich and varied heritage has always been a Great Lover of Sports, but unfortunately, due to lack of proper and adequate playing surfaces, we have been unable to produce World Champions on regular basis. The lack of technical knowhow in making playing surfaces has resulted in premature end to a lot of budding young careers Chandra Sports & Games, a company based in UP is specialize in constructing various kinds of Indoor & Outdoor sporting arenas on turnkey basis, with an experienced team of professional who have worked more than 15 years in the field of Synthetic Sports Surfaces. We are providers of versatile, high-performance sports surfaces for a variety of environments. We are a company that is committed to quality in every facet of our operations: quality in performance, service, material and workmanship.